Antarctic Cruise Reservations

On a cruise to Antarctica you’ll want to keep your cameras poised and ready to capture breathtaking sunsets onboard the front of the ship and magnificent towering icebergs by day. Feel a part of some of the most enchanting scenery on the planet. Seascapes, icescapes and landscapes each make for exquisite photo opportunities whenever you feel the moment is right.

While cruising the Antarctic you will sail past enormous blue icebergs and other types of ice as well, such as pack-ice, brash-ice, bergy bits and growlers to name but a few. Catch a glimpse of the largest animal that ever lived, the blue whale, penguins such as the Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap, sea lions and albatross with the largest wingspan of any bird. Other birds indigenous to these parts are skuas, snow petrels, blue eyed shags, American Sheathbills, and Cape pigeons. Seals like the Crabeater, Southern Elephant, Leopard and Weddell can be found chilling out in the ocean, floating on ice-floes or lounging on rocky the Antarctic terrain. In addition to the blue whale, the Humpback and killer whales are two others you may be fortunate to observe. Make sure you pack warmly when set sail on a cruise to Antarctica.